On Location

Why On-Site?

When it comes to your wedding day there is nothing more precious than time itself. With Salon Maison and on-location bridal hair and wedding makeup the first major difference you’ll notice is how you are the priority. There’s no waiting in a bustling seating area, no struggling for parking in the rain, and no coordinating of multiple appointments for bridesmaids and family. Just you and your loved ones at your gorgeous venue laughing and talking about the incredible day waiting for you just outside the doors.

When it comes to on-location bridal beauty, not all companies are created equal. In fact, many providers are individual freelance hair or makeup artists working alone. While some are great and very experienced, others may be less experienced and unreliable. Determining who is who on your own can be stressful and time consuming. That is why we strongly recommend discussing your options with your wedding planner, photographer, or wedding venue. Salon Maison is referred by all of the top wedding venues, wedding planners, and photographers in the area and the reason for that above and beyond the quality of our work is our ability to deliver that quality consistently and on time – every time.

How it works

The first step is to book and reserve your date. Many popular dates book up a year or more in advance so it is never too soon to book. At Salon Maison we know how wedding plans evolve and change over time and how sometimes that can be stressful when booking specific vendors and services far in advance. With Salon Maison you can reserve your date and book the people and the services you think you will need and then make changes as plans firm up until 90 days from your wedding date. All deposits are 100% refundable until 90 days prior to your wedding. That means changes, additions, substitutions or subtractions (based on availability) all can be made quickly and easily throughout the planning process.

In order to provide a guaranteed start time and, often more importantly, a guaranteed done time everything we do is managed on a contract that is customized to your specific needs. Your contract notes all of the services you have reserved with us, your start time, done time and ready location. In addition, your contract also serves as your receipt. It notes all payments and payment dates.

In order to create your contract and book your date with us we first need your wedding date, ready location, and your ideal done time. Don’t worry – if you don’t have all of the details pinned down just yet our expert bridal consultants can help talk you through what is typical and then refine details from there as it gets closer to your wedding day as long as we have the availability needed to make those changes.

Do you need onsite hair and makeup for your wedding last minute? That’s ok! Salon Maison is the largest provider of on-location bridal hair and wedding makeup services on the west coast. Call us and we will do everything we can to accommodate even last minute requests and needs.

Still have questions?

Great! We can be reached 7 days a week via email, phone, facebook, twitter, and of course our blog. When you contact us you will speak directly with an expert bridal consultant who is able to answer any and all questions. We also love to talk about style ideas and what look would be just right for you so feel free to send us some pictures of yourself and your ideas too!